I encountered the boy in the blue shirt on my recent trip to Sierra Leone with The Peace Project. The boy is called Nicholas Kamara. Nicholas lives in the Melrose Orphanage in Sierra Leone. This is his story…

Nicholas was abandoned by his parents because of the size of his head. His parents wanted to kill him. They wrapped him in a white piece of cloth, put him in a basket, and journeyed toΒ KabalaΒ (in northern Sierra Leone).

His parents wanted to kill him because he wasn’t a real human being. They were taking Nicholas to Kabala where they planned to make a sacrifice of him.

After an unknown period of time, Nicholas was found in a public toilet. He’d been left there to die.

The majority of the disabled children who eventually find their way to the Melrose Orphanage are almost at the point of death when they are found abandoned in these kinds of extreme circumstances.

I am hoping to return to Sierra Leone at the earliest opportunity to find a way to be of service to these children.

8 thoughts on “Nicholas

  1. The most beautiful people find each other
    and have to tell the others goodbye

    the Orphanage has said hello
    to Nicholas and that hello will go
    round the world

    Hope you get back there soon,
    eliza wyatt

  2. Wow. This is lack of education (parents). They abandoned this beautiful little boy, without knowing why or how they could help him. 😦 Please let me know how I can assist you Michele. And thank-you for laying out his story… xo

    1. Thank you caring about Nicholas and the future that lies ahead of him. From this distance and perspective I understand your point of view. However, there are so many factors and influences weighing on the journey of this little boy. And there is too much I want to say that might not be appropriate for a public forum such as this one! I will think more about your reply and email you. Thank you again for your offer of assistance. mxo

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