Opened Ground

My soul is the waiter serving me at the Sky bar.


Factored into this exchange is duality.

Longing and loss crawl against my skin like jealous thieves picking my combination lock.

My shadow challenges my soul to a drinking contest.

Now the bar is minus a waiter.

Published by Michele D'Acosta

NFT artist/filmmaker NFTs for social good

25 thoughts on “Opened Ground

    1. Hanne, yes, all the artwork is my own — unless otherwise stated. Experimenting with visuals and text in this way is a new form of expression for me. I am grateful for your appreciation.

      1. Keep on experimenting. There something raw yet poetic about these pieces of art. A combination I absolutely love. Looking forward to follow the unfolding.

  1. wow i am left speechless…line 2 especially…you are a beautiful poet. thank you for the comment you left on my blog. i will now be an avid reader of your blog…your mind, your poetry, your photography…it is all beautiful.

      1. I put a password on the page and sent you the link in an email this morning. I will also send you a mail just with the links so hopefully that should do it!

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