Poetry Writing Challenge #15: Saltoun Sea, California




Saltoun Sea, California

I don’t know how to tell you of this journey and not forfeit my peace of mind.

I have been attempting to draw a line under
my Book of Experiments for almost a year now.

My equations calculating density,
Tidal waves and unremitting desire.

I want to be an inventor; to exist on more
than faith and mineral water, coffee and exercising.

Present a bunch of lilies to my lover at the week-
end, unapproachable as he is — all hot air,
apt to blow a fuse at the mention of marriage vows.

I’m remembering our most recent heterosexual position on
high ground at the Joshua Tree National Park. Seduction

above the heads of Emerald trees, looking in the direction of the inland

Saltoun sea –

created by a freaky flood in 1905.

It is said (by whom?) that the Saltoun Sea
sits on top of the San Andreas Fault Line.

If this is true, then I suck my teeth at her pop-up location.
This unfathomable so-called Sea, her
Longevity as unlikely as my holy matrimony.

If only a wave would roll over me and dispel my unease.
Return me to my senses!

The native wildlife, mountain lions etc.,  I roll my eyes at, but that is a given for me.
I lay down. Avert my eyes from the landlocked sea.
Turn inwards towards my spiritual sea.

Nothing to read but the ancient future.

Published by Michele D'Acosta

NFT artist/filmmaker https://lookabox.me NFTs for social good https://www.buymeacoffee.com/3vUnc3oIIS

10 thoughts on “Poetry Writing Challenge #15: Saltoun Sea, California

  1. Wow.
    above the heads of Emerald trees, looking in the direction of the inland
    Saltoun sea – what a teriffic line! The sounds and scenes of the sea are beautifully illustrated with your words. I feel for you, did your man change his mind?
    Nothing to read but the ancient future was a line I found profound, a generous gift of your spirit, sealed in your poem. 🙂

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