Soul elopement

Paris Cafe

Published by Michele D'Acosta

NFT artist/filmmaker NFTs for social good

11 thoughts on “Soul elopement

  1. Ernie, thank you for your appreciation. It takes a lot to impress a guy of your calibre. Last month, when I was visiting France, I took several photographs of shop windows and windows of restaurants. My intention was to create a series of images that had a translucent, hallucinatory feel to them. I had written a poem called Two Bodies about a couple who speak to each other in smoke rings. So the desire to develop these images grew out of my fascination with our virtual body one day superseding our physical body! In this image I’m imaging two souls sitting at the table waiting for their lunch to be served. Their higher selves have eloped and their physicality is no longer a constant. Perhaps their physical bodies are optional? I’m working on that idea, too 🙂 On a practical level I created the image with nothing more than old school Photoshop.

    1. Thank you so much. So wonderful to know that you are there (and here) feeling the colors. Do you know where in France I took that photograph? Clue… not far from home 🙂

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