Head In The Clouds

When I was growing up my mother would say to me: “Child of mine you have your head in the clouds.”

When I grew older I discovered that folks who write poetry are in the minority.

Flamenco for Fragrance91h

I’m half afraid to write poetry
for you who never read it much

and I’m left laboring
with the secrets and the silence

In plain language.

— Adrienne Rich

Published by Michele D'Acosta

NFT artist/filmmaker https://lookabox.me NFTs for social good https://www.buymeacoffee.com/3vUnc3oIIS

70 thoughts on “Head In The Clouds

  1. Some of the most breath taking views can only be seen when you are up in the clouds ❀

      1. Michele,

        You’re an extraordinary poet. It just floors me. Have you ever published any of your works? Read them aloud? Oooo, you should include some in your work (film). And thank-you for saying that (similar clouds), they’ve just about dissipated. Just thinking about that last night, read this screenplay, which was superb and I was comparing my writing to his and thought, my writing is gritty real (which I like), but I’ve lived a different life than his. His is more stylistic and fairy tale like – but powerful! I was wowed. But I was thinking to myself, I can’t write like this because real life issues dominate my mind.

      2. Tanyeno, where do I begin to thank you? Well, maybe I should start by saying that your comment inspired me to write the poem Tall and Medium Tales. https://micheledacosta.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/tall-and-medium-tales/ How’s that you might ask… When you wrote that I should include some of my poems in my films, you got me thinking. Yes, you’re right about that! I’d love to figure out a way to write a screenplay incorporating all the poems I’ve posted up until now. After all, I like fiction films that are ensemble pieces and have interwoven storylines. SMOKE directed by Wayne Wang is a favorite that springs to mind. I’ve love to hear your thoughts on this subject. And a big thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I’ve been writing poems since I was a kid. I’ve haven’t published any of my work and neither have I read my poems aloud. Although, all this could change soon! And I’m interested to hear your thoughts about your writing style. You mention that your mind is dominated by real life issues. Please tell me more… I think I’m at the point in my life when I’m trying to decipher what is real? So much of what I once thought was real, no longer seems real to me. No doubt this is why I’ve returned to my childhood passion of writing poetry. Tanyeno, keep writing and keep your strength up. We need to hear your voice. Have a peaceful and fulfilling day. Michele

      3. Yes, I read it!!!! I’m not sure I followed all of it. But I am only now getting around to different types of poetry, so some stuff just whizzes by my head. But I got the gist of it, I think.

        I also see what you’re saying about returning to childhood (even via the work). I definitely get what you’re saying about not knowing what is reality anymore – guess I am talking about the political/social landscape that oppresses us and cuts down quality of life. Those things outside me that are having an impact and don’t need to be. Like gun violence, rise is overt racism (or perhaps open expression of it), joblessness for those who are already outside the job market therein class extremes. That kinda thing.

        But on another level I have lost touch with what is reality for myself in terms of what I thought possibilities were as a woman, black person and professional in many ways I could not have guessed at. So paradigms are lost to me and therefore my understanding of what is on some levels.

        So I guess…I kind of get your meaning…I think?

        As far as SMOKE, I haven’t seen it. Rental? =)

        Did you see for colored girls (Tyler Perry), that was a beautiful incorporation of poetry I thought.

        I think you can do this in fiction or documentary – some of your poetry here and there can be part of the voice over, or transition, or simple commentary? But sure it can be done as an entire film too. Guess you’d have to choose the ones which say what you’d like via the visuals??

        Ah, yes….DO CONSIDER spoken word. I feel like I understand poetry spoken at times, I might miss written alone? But that’s just me, I’m developing my ear?

        But I think publishing or spoken word, you can get the poems out there in other ways as well, and should, because the ones I got, were superb. They just stir something!

        Ugh, Michele….I am trying. I think for me I just have to dodge the bullet of negativity and financial challenge. Piranas of my creativity at times! xoxo

    1. Thanks for your generosity and for sharing so much of what’s important to you. It’s wonderful to have a greater appreciation of life through your eyes. Your words about paradigms struck a chord. And, yes, perhaps one way forward (for both of us) is spoken word. I agree that the meaning of some of my longer poems might become clearer if I were to speak the words as well as write them! Btw, I’m curious as to which aspects of this poem whizzed past your head? πŸ™‚ Happy to explain more if you want me to! Have a wonderful day and keep your head up… Love michele

      1. Hi!

        Hope you had a great mother’s day Michele. =) =) =) By the way!!! I saw something on CNN tonight that might interest you? On June 16th there is a documentary that is going to air on CNN called Girl Rising about children in where? Sierra Leone. I thought of you because sometimes for me, watching other works on similar subject matter gives me that Aha concerning my own work? It was shot beautifully as well, you might even wanna check out the camera person. Sorry, off topic but I was going to email you, then I logged on and saw this message from you. Haha. Synchronicity. By the way, Happy Mother’s day in between (dunno if you have children but you certainly have the spirit of one because of your compassion), so many blessings to you. πŸ™‚

        Now on the subject of Spoken Word, thank-you for including me in that conversation but I think my poetry is like the remedial class, yours the master class. Haha. I think I need to build my chops first Michele… I just started this…I don’t think it’s at your level yet. But thanks for the lovely confidence.

        Now concerning your last poem, don’t be alarmed in the least – you know how your ear has to become tuned to appreciate some Jazz music or classical? I think the eye and understanding must learn how to interpret more complex verse in terms of poetry.

        I just know this about myself, it’s because of my new arrival to this. I haven’t really read that much of it compared to most, so sometimes I have to read things twice to grasp the meaning. You and Michele Seminara (haha coincidence!) are two of my favorite poets on here – but I have to read the poetry slower or again at times. Then I’m like oh! My eye tunes in, along with my understanding.

        But that last one was DEEP. Hahaha. Spinning for the mind (to me).

        Something like “…he was said to have
        a β€˜protean career’, and a fairytale within a fairytale about a fraternity

        of surrealist poets living in exile on the Island of Writers. ” The last part of that, I wasn’t sure about. For me, I just couldn’t grasp what the significance of the fairy tale within a fairytale was? So I had to reread, to get it, then concluded perhaps it was the very fact of being on an Island with writers? But…I wasn’t sure.

        Then this part:

        “I make several pathetic attempts to shift my attention back from island.
        Altered by what I’ve witnessed, it’s too late for my brain. The fixtures
        and fittings in my apartment β€” the sofabed, piano, cable TV, candles,

        kitchen table, bathroom scales, door frame, window blinds, security
        alarm system and my sheets have become part of me…”

        That part confused me a bit, I wasn’t sure how your stuff and being attached to it made it difficult to shift “from,” the Island of writers? That if you were still attached how was it too late for your brain? Too late for your brain to continue thinking of the Island due to attachment to your apartment? I think so. Is it? I think so.

        Anyway, I think my ability to grasp these things quickly made it difficult to stay on the ride?

        I think the rest of it was talking about who the real Island of writers are, but then I thought, is she contemplating their issues or Leonardo and crews? I wasn’t sure. But I know this is me, because I’m certain the rest of the community here understood quicker than the speed of light. πŸ™‚

    2. Thanks so much for your Mother’s Day wishes and so appreciate you passing on the news of the Girl Rising documentary. Wow! Btw, you are not in the remedial class. No way sister Tanyeno πŸ™‚ Keep building your tools with precision. It means so much to me that you like my poetry and I can’t wait to discover Michele Seminara! Re the Island of Writers tale, tempted as I am to launch into an explanation behind the meaning of every word… my higher self is telling my (lower) self to be quiet! How the meaning manifests for you is what’s important. Applying rationality to poetry is not my strong point. I’ve been writing for a few years and my poems are informed by multiple genres, cultural references and an ongoing spiritual journey. I am seeking to links hearts. To reach out in a desire to stir emotions, lift spirits and inspire thoughts. Amongst other things… Thank you again.

      1. You got it Michele. =) I completely understand, I don’t usually give a detailed breakdown of anything because I think it interrupts an artists experience of their own work and like I said, everything I’ve said I realize may rest with ME. Because I’m pretty new at it, and I am aware of my grasp or inability to at times. Haha.

        But you asked me, and I’m not into avoidance either because I think it supremely disrespectful….so I tried to respond…best I could.

        Your work is very, very, very, strong….otherwise you would never draw a comment on it. Haha, not into pretense either. Just bad at it. But I won’t be able to grasp everything yet. I am getting there though, I get to eye alot while I am on here. Much more than I had before. Michele – the other one – has a beautiful poem reblogged further down my blog about children that just knocked me off my feet. Love children so it had me at the title, but read it, after the title is a storm of wonder. πŸ™‚ Have a lovely day and thanks for bringing me into your process, helpful or not.

        I hope you’ll allow me to as well… xoxo

      2. Tanyeno, wow, I’m so grateful to you for taking the time to read my work and give your honest feedback. I absolutely take what you said on board. Btw, there wasn’t anything that you didn’t get πŸ™‚ We may have slightly different interpretations of the same words — but that’s as it should be! You are gracious and I am in awe of you. Did you know that? The beauty of your spirit shines through your every word and your films are ready to take on the world. And thank you so much for saying that my writing is strong. It’s harder for me to judge the quality of my poetry than it is to judge the quality of my filmmaking. God bless WordPress and all the incredibly talented people (including you) that I’ve met through this social network. Every day I give thanks that I’m living in this time of phenomenal tools with which to communicate a few simple truths. Btw, I checked out Australian Michele … she’s AMAZING. And I will read her poem about children. Hope your day is going well. What’s the next step for you? Love and blessings, Michele

      3. Michele,

        I wish I was doing something big instead of being a glutton to my own enjoyment.

        I really like your work so I’m down to read it all, unfortunately I do hit poets on this site (here and there), where I click into the page and not gracious enough to force a read.

        I can tell immediately if I like any part of the work. But then, you know, you’re there, you should at least read it. But noooo, I click right back out. Hahaha. Okay, they can probably see my virtual footprint (SMH).

        Anyway, it’s easy to read your work. Cuz I like it! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        OH, I got it on some levels — cool!!!

        Awwwwww, thank-you for thinking me gracious. That’s a lovely thing to be known as. Now I know! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Oh thank-you for also thinking my spirit is beautiful. I think the same thing about you Michele!

        I can see it in your work, what you take away from our communications, even what communicate back. So I am pretty overjoyed here. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Maybe you’re released from the critic in poetry writing. I feel that way a little, cuz I’m not expecting much from it. It’s all for pure enjoyment.

        And your writing is – I am blown away by it (and it inspires me to make sure what I’m doing is quality). Not just be like, “I’m finished!”

        OMG Michele isn’t SOME of the talent on here incredible???? I just get nervous relying so much on virtual space for the connections (cuz you can blink wrong and have WP delete your profile). So my aim is to take a few friends away from this. In fact, after I send off this screenplay, I am going to have it read privately, one more time (before actual casting), and I would love you to come!

        I will allow feedback from the listeners, then discuss with the actors. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        You live in NY right?

        Isn’t Michele awesome (Australian) too? But how funny is it, we’re all Michele – even though it’s my middle name. Hahaha.

        My day was the pits. Hospitals everywhere.

        Part of life, right? Well my next step is finishing my polish, then pitching. Having another read through somewhere in there and finishing up another screenplay to get out there as well? So then comes the business stuff. Gotta get to it sometime right?

        Anyway, have a wonderful night Michele. πŸ˜‰

        Love & Blessings!


      4. Hi T, I’ve been thinking about you. So much of what you say… I read it and I have to think about it some more! You’re a big impact on me. Like a crater πŸ™‚ Hope you’re doing okay today. You mentioned ‘hospitals’. And yes I’d love to come to your screenplay reading. It’s funny about the NYC thing… it’s a place I call home without being my home, but I have a feeling that when I write poetry I send my spirit to my old neighborhood πŸ™‚ I hope to be in New York around the beginning of June and for a couple of days in the first two weeks of July. Please let me know your thoughts on the dates. And then there’s the name thing! What’s that all about?? Michele (Australian) is awesome, thanks so much for connecting me to her. Still feel a little shy about my poems. I’m taking tentative steps in the poetry direction. No idea where I’ll end up. Hopefully not in the insane asylum. At least not right now!!! Thank you for all your kind words. I treasure them. Have a beautiful day in the city… love and blessings m

      5. I know Michele!!! That’s kind of sooooo I dunno. Why do we all have this name link? Hahaha.

        You know what? I am all about spiritual and soul messages. I think the things that move within our spirits are the things we must explore because often times there is where our largest integrity and gift unfolds.

        You won’t end up in the insane asylum. And if you do, I’ll meet ya there! Haha.

        Still I think you and the other Michele, have a special gift. There is another writer on my blog who I think has this as well. Look for the piece – Compassion of maps. I think some people have gifts that are so powerful they can speak right to people’s hearts and souls. It’s like a whisper of something much deeper. I was reading something someone wrote on my Arcuturians reblog just now and just thought, you know the most powerful communications are whispers. Whispers and personal but personal in a way where by connecting to yourself and being aware and respectful of that of your listener something magical can happen when art unfolds. And it’s magical, because not everyone can do it. There are alot of interesting tries, and I don’t know the exact mixes or if there any. I just know it when I see it, hear it,experience it and in it’s presence – and you should keep writing because you and Michele and I’l say my friend J have this. Each gift presents itself without alot of spectacle but yet the works are wallops.

        And no, not everything touches me the same – it doesn’t anyone work to work b/c audience experience is at least 50% in them. However the artist must display that sometime in such a way a bridge is possible for the audience to meet the landscape created. To the gift by the gift.

        So I’m glad I have an impact on you Michele – thank-you for listening because I want you to know that you just have it. And you should do and go where ever you want to with those poems. I like writing it because it relaxes me and releases me from the pressure. It’s my breath of fresh air after whatever stressful thing it happening.

        The July date sounds good, I will be in and out of town in June – I have family coming in (from overseas) into another state. Plus a sick parent there so start of June I will be off….

        July what you think? I thought you lived here… that was a surprise. Oh I cannot wait to leave NY, I don’t feel connected to this city anymore either.

        I just feel NY is a very unhealthy hodge podge of things and can be bankrupt in everything beside aim and agenda at times. As I’ve grown up, I’ve grown away from it. Curious where you are located.

        I understand feeling shy about your poems, but each time you share the magic happens. Just step into it, whatever that is, soaking it in, cuz there are more gifts from whence that came sort of speak. =) I feel the same about all films I make, but the end result no matter what is always worth it. It really is a gift of communication art, this very special opportunity for us and those beyond us.

        I think I will try coordinating the reading around when you are coming in July. I’ll just need to know the dates? Thank-you for being interested in that, not that I left much room to make a fuss. Haha.

        I really value your opinion, feedback, input and friendship as well. πŸ™‚

        Love n’ blessings in return xoxo


      1. I wish I had more time! My collaboration ideas fill my heart AND my time πŸ˜‰
        I miss the extra time to read the blogs that I love and the time to write for my own.
        Well, it’s all in seasons right? And it’s for good reason.
        Thank you for having such a beautiful blog that gives me the desire to take the time to stop, sip my tea and take some time to read.

  2. I don quite know about poetry and verse… I often think my feeble attempts are not worth the effort yet I find it strangely gratifying to play with words… to express myself in a different way from time to time. IΒ΄m posting something along those lines tomorrow…

    1. Dear friend, I know from the many poems that I have liked and read on your site that you know a lot about poetry. Your verses bubble up from within and when they reach the surface your rhythms are beautifully formed. I look forward to your every post. Thank you.

  3. I write poetry. In fact, I wrote a ppoem an hour ago and posted it. Then I tore it down because like i said in the blog you just read it was meant to be a story. Anyway thanks for following my blog. i respect anyone who has 485 followers. man, i haven’t even got half that 😦

    1. John, it’s good to meet you here. I look forward to following your blog and your creative journey as it unfolds on these virtual pages. I feel blessed to have many generous, gifted and creative people following my blog. My hope is to speak from my heart and give people a positive feeling they can connect with. Have a beautiful day. Michele

  4. Hey Michele. Thanks for following my blog. Finally had a chance to look at yours and I love it. FYI – Adreinne did a reading when I was in college and she was very inspiring. She also signed a copy of one of her books for me, which I treasure. Cheers!

    1. Jeff, thanks for sharing your experience of Adrienne coming to your college. I can well imagine how much you treasure that signed copy. I was so sad when she passed over but how blessed we are to have been touched by her genius.

  5. Ah… This reminds me of so many people. “You have your head in the clouds.” But why not? Is the sky not the house of the poet? Where else do dreamers exist? Very awesome.

  6. Poetry used words, and the music of the cadance of those words, to convey ideas deeper than the stringing together of words. Sometimes I hear the words. Sometimes the music. Sometimes the ideas. Thanks for dropping by my recent “poetic” concert review (playing on the music of the words).

  7. Oh how many times this has been said to me! But thankfully in a somewhat loving way, although I don’t know that people truly understand that in that moment I am creating something precious in my mind, I just don’t have a pen or a brush in my pocket to put it down, so I save it in the spaces of my mind by thinking it over and over again… and that’s when my eyes glaze over haha! Thanks for following my blog. Yours is fantastic! I will follow you back!

  8. Fantastic! I love the empathy that so many writers here have with each other, what a wonderful community. Thank you, Michele. Keep smiling and keep writing,
    Kieran (Baldy) πŸ™‚

  9. Michele, yours is a stunningly creative site. I am going to thoroughly enjoy visiting.

    Thank you for the follow at Through The Cracked Window.


  10. I like the poem at the end. I think I like the idea that poets are in the minority and not many people grasp one’s poetry…then I sort of feel that only those who are meant to understand it will. Like a sort of secret language between other lost kindred spirits and myself. Oh and thank you for liking my song =)

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