Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern | Neglect

Pattern of neglect

The subject of this week’s photo challenge is patterns.  In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means PATTERN to you! 

The exterior of a house in Sierra Leone, West Africa. My heart is drawn to the pattern of neglect, the pattern of deterioration.

61 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern | Neglect

      • Yes, Michele, you are so right. It’s nice to have those prompts to help us to see things we might not otherwise have seen. I think the photo challenges have helped me to take better photographs over the last couple of years, because now I’m seeing things I might not have ever noticed before. 🙂

  1. What an amazing photo Michele! I only noticed on closer inspection that there is a face in the wooden boards looking out just above the smaller graffiti. It’s the face of a child. It’s like a photo within a photo. Much love to you
    Lady Ish🙂

    • I love what you said about “neglect is the physical representation of neglect and oppression of another.” So true and so sad. Thank you for making me aware of your post about the situation with your home. I wish you all the very best.

  2. Very cool photo. I too am fascinated by the sight of an aging building. I imagine to myself the stories it could tell…

  3. what a great picture, really captures your sentiment here and has a certain quality that draws you to it. I wish I had some images to share with you, Michele, sorry! Loving your work🙂 Kind regards, Baldy🙂

    • Hi Baldy🙂 Thank you so much. I took this picture almost a year ago and have looked at the photograph from time to time and wondered how I might incorporate it into my work. When I saw the (neglect) prompt for the weekly photo challenge, I looked at the picture again and saw it in a different light. Like millions of citizens in Sierra Leone, I imagine the owners of this house have experienced great tragedy as a result of their country’s 10 year civil war. And long after the foreign media have lost interest in this tiny country of six million people, I wanted to somehow capture the aftermath of the war. This picture is one of many that I took… that goes some way to telling this story. Thank you for your interest in my work. Maybe you’ll take some pictures now. I do hope so…!

  4. A wonderful picture that captures a terrible problem. Neglect reaches into every corner of our lives, starting too often with those most important to us: God, family, and friends. What an excellent reminder not to let neglect go far, because it’s so costly to repair, if repairable.


    • Janet, thank you for your insight and pleased you liked the picture. Yes, I agree with your observations. In the pursuit of progress (and the next big thing) how often do we ignore our personal and global responsibilities.

  5. It’s wonderful the way we all see things differently. You see the patterns of neglect and I see the pattern of the boards as they may have originally been and how they could be again with a little love and alot of hard work. Great picture.

    • I’m glad you liked the picture. Very interesting to hear your point of view. Yes, I agree this could be a great renovation project🙂 In my response to one of the other comments I speak about the reason for the neglect. This was uppermost in my mind when I wrote the description for the photograph.

    • Thank you. I really appreciate all the comments that have been made here. Makes blogging so worthwhile not only to receive such generous feedback but to engage in a dialogue which contains so many different perspectives. It’s wonderful of you to say that this picture tells a story. I hope to share more stories in the very near future. Thank you again and have a wonderful day. Michele

  6. “My heart is drawn to the pattern of neglect, the pattern of deterioration…”
    Auch mein Herz wird angezogen von dem Muster der Vernachlässigung, dem Muster der Verschlechterung …

  7. Great photo! While I can see the patterns, that is not what draws me in. As a poet, it makes me want to write its story.

    Thanks for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you will continue to enjoy the posts.

  8. Hi Michele! Despite the obvious signs of wear and tear, I’m seeing real beauty in the house. The wooden plates brought together speaks of intricate details drawn to perfection. I’m sure the house also has a lot of silent and unwritten stories to relate.

    Thank you for following my blog. You write well and please continue showcasing your talent here.

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