Why I Don’t Diet – An Ode to My Father

I encourage you all to read this extraordinary account. There is something here for everyone. Peace and blessings, Michele

More Cabaret

Tiffany Kell headshotMy father died three weeks ago. He was in hospice, with all the pharmacological and technological assistance available to keep him comfortable and pain-free, but it was still, as deaths go, not a good one.

I had flown in hours after I’d heard about his fall. He was in late-stage heart and renal failure, and this fall was the beginning of the end. When I arrived, a nurse popped into the room to check on him. “Are you in pain?” she asked. “Just a little,” my dad said, joking through his wincing.

It didn’t have to end like this.

My father was born larger than life, to a family of larger than life people. DNA sequencing showed we are almost entirely Viking stock, no great surprise given the height and breadth of our bodies.

When my father turned 20, he was over 6’2 and 300lbs. His feats of athleticism echoed…

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5 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Diet – An Ode to My Father

    1. Thank you for reading and appreciating this post. When I read it I felt compelled to share this extraordinary experience in the hope that it can help others and shed light where light is needed.

  1. Michele,

    You are a God send. What an amazing article. Just wow. It’s also blessful, my mom is a heavier woman and I am going to have her read it. To bless her understanding. Thank-you for reading it and thank-you for sharing it with us.

    It shifted my day!

    [Hugs you!]

  2. Nice one Michele. Thanks for sharing this post; it cuts through to the core of the issue of self acceptance. And thanks for introducing me to More Carabet; it really is an inspiring group.

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