Jerry Uelsmann

A lot of times I’ll go to bed and the next morning I’ll think, ‘You know, a different cloud in that image might look better,’ and I do it. Why? Because art cannot afford compromise. Why would you compromise on this thing that’s coming out of you? So says… the incomparable Jerry Uelsmann

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Uelsmann work looks like a precursor for all the fabulous images coming out of people’s minds using photoshop. But Uelsman used a camera and the darkroom. His work has had a huge affect on many artists, myself included.

Uelsman1Uelsman2Jerry Uelsmann4Jerry Uelsmann6Jerry Uelsmann10Jerry Uelsmann11JerryUelsmann5JerryUelsmann6JerryUelsmann7JerryUelsmann8JerryUelsmann9

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3 thoughts on “Jerry Uelsmann

  1. Great post, I hadn’t seen any of this Work before. Of course I’m not an artist but I’m learning from one of my friends that he knew of this photographer and that his work was done without computer. I was amazed and truly enjoyed these beautiful pictures. Thanks for posting them.

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