Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

BUZZ…Buzz_at_workThis week’s WordPress Photo Challenge asks us to share a photograph with something extra; something with unexpected detail that makes that image all the more special.

For me … the unexpected detail is in this man’s expression.

The sadness embedded in his concentration. This is a photograph of my friend “Buzz” writing poetry outside a coffee shop in Brighton, England.


Published by Michele D'Acosta

NFT artist/filmmaker https://lookabox.me NFTs for social good https://www.buymeacoffee.com/3vUnc3oIIS

43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

      1. Well, I should have elaborated….I like your none-standard treatment of this in making it look like a negative. Not sure what you were trying to say here but I guess one interpretation is that it just gets the viewer to look closer, or that the negative is not the finished photo, mirroring the fact that the poem was unfinished, in it’s nascent form….. But of course, I am most likely over analysing and on the wrong track entirely!! πŸ™‚

    1. Sue, your comment is right on the money πŸ™‚ You’re brilliant. “…The negative is not the finished photo, mirroring the fact that the poem was unfinished, in it’s nascent form…..” Exactly. In my reply to another comment I mentioned the extra dimension as the electromagnetic radiation. An X-ray!

      1. Ooh, I like that, I’m brilliant! I like to think that I do use my intellect, reasoning powers from time to time…..

    1. Thanks. It was one of those moments where the picture spoke back to me. I just kept applying more layers in response to the impulses I felt to go deeper… or go extra, extra…

    1. Perhaps the extra dimension is on the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation? To be honest, my creative influence was one of your posts about psychic surgery. That piece flipped me on my head! And out popped a new dimension to Buzz’s face. Cheers, Laurie πŸ™‚

      1. It could well be. I’m glad to be of service giving inspiration and such. Some people may have found it unbelievable but it happened. Strange things occur out there that we may never understand.

    2. Laurie, who would doubt you? Like many of your readers, I do hope you write a book about psychic healing. You’re doing very important work for the evolution of humanity. Cheers, Michele

      1. Why thank you Michele. I’ll use my blog posts as a basis for it.

      1. You are a very sweet person! I’m starting something called an Art for Cause here in Indiana. I hope to spread it far and wide. Giving back and helping others that helped my son and I. Five different places I need to divide between and keep enough to keep my art supplies stocked and I will be a happy camper. Hope you have a great day!

      2. Dawn, thank you for your kind words. You made my day! I’m very interested in hearing more about Art for Cause, how can I help you with this? You may already know that I use my art to help fund philanthropic causes. My latest project is to use the sales of my films and photography to fund the education of primary school children in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I know some of these kids personally, and it breaks my heart to see how their families that lost almost everything in the civil war in Sierra Leone go without food and medicine to try and fund their kids’ education. The irony is that to pay for one child’s primary school education is the equivalent of one cafe latte a day at Starbucks! Please let me know if you are interested. Wishing you every success with your project. Michele

      3. That is awesome! I’m wanting to use my art to help other children of Agent Orange. Give back to the veterans by holding two 5k runs a year. I feel the need to help with Autism awareness and the big major one? That will come from my art is the Native American Reservations. People are passing everyday and it hurts. I have done a fundraiser for their Christmas before and took a moving van full to deliver directly to those in need with no way to help themselves. It’s sad that our native schools and reservations period are lacking funds due to embezzlement and fraud and of course a lack of funding.

      4. I’m glad they have you! More people need to see how much they can help with so little. Thank you Michelle & when I get far enough let me know if I can help as well!

      5. Dawn, you’re so right about this … “More people need to see how much they can help with so little.” How to open up every person’s heart to this shift in thinking? Please keep me posted on your progress. I will do the same for you. Have a very blessed day. Michele

      6. I sure will Michele! I am working on PhD in universal life. I think if everyone one knew we are “All My Relations” and one mind to help another and that it don’t matter who is this religion or that religion that we All are God’s children and come here on a mission. Maybe then one person could change the world. πŸ™‚ have a blessed day as well!

      7. Dawn, your wise words warm my heart. You have reached that level of understanding in life which you term β€œAll My Relations.” Keep broadcasting your message of peace. Wishing you all the very best. Michele

  1. I love your editing of this photo. It gives a whole new look to the photo and let’s us imagine and see things we might have missed in color or ordinary B&W.

    Blessings on your week, Michele.


    1. Janet, thank you for your appreciation and insight. You understand exactly what I’m trying to achieve with this image. You gladden my heart. Blessings on your week. Keep those great images coming!

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