To Grief and BACK…?

mich_tiny plane

… and pondering the deaths of some of my beloved friends in Sierra Leone. Victims of Ebola… or a fate worse than death?

Published by Michele D'Acosta

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28 thoughts on “To Grief and BACK…?

  1. Dear Michele,

    This is a nightmare.

    President Obama has asked for $6 billion, whatever doesn’t go to the military and the middle men might get to the people. (quite late).

    Having a viral outbreak means that the economy crumbles.

    I am grateful, no viral outbreaks in central-west Brasil. I’m here with Odilon and we send our love and prayers. Michael

  2. It is such a helpless feeling to see this terrible disease affect so many people. I heard some bad jokes about Ebola on a radio program that I respected in the past and was really disgusted. But there are others who are trying to get people to understand what’s really going on. Heard an interview on NPR’s Fresh Air with Helene Cooper who spent time in her native Liberia to investigate and brought a very human reaction to it. If you google her name and NPR, you can find the transcript of the interview. Hang in there… these are tough times. Much love, Annette

    1. Dearest Annette, your kindness and understanding uplifts me. It was such a challenge to share this post that I couldn’t even respond to the comments, until this moment. It’s a result of that bifurcation between having to keep on going in the material world while, at the same time, holding back the torrents of grief. Some days I manage the balancing act … and, other days, I do not. Thank you for being there. Much love and peace to you. Michele x
      P.S Thank you for the NPR info about Helene Cooper.

      1. Michele – that’s what I read in your face – that balancing act of containing those strong emotions and still continue to function.
        BTW – I wrote a post about a health clinic in West Point, Liberia, first point of intervention for 70+k people living in the slums of West Point. The Dr. in charge has an amazing story. Not sure whether you got a chance to see it. ..

  3. My heart is with my love…all that can be done is put one foot in front of the other and keep walking toward the sun my love. There is work to be done and people to help. You know better than any of us how to do that. All my love for ever and always. Cecelia

  4. A moving tribute (all) to a courageous people, they all deserve medals or whatever frippery our culture designates to reward survival and stamina and sustained humanity through the worst of trails. I see a sculpture in grief in your face, if only I could capture it.
    Love and blessings eliza

  5. Hey Michele happy you are continuing to make a difference in the lives of many. I had a chance to come to New York its day 3 great to get a WA y from LA. Peace, love and blessings John

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