The Museum of Fictions – extract.

The Museum of Fictions is a book about the nomadic museum in Paris. In this section of the book, a guru called Monsieur Hightowers initiates Michele, an Afro-British visitor to Paris, into the arcane ritual of how to wear a museum on one’s body. We’re all extras, Michele: we live, we morph, we die. DidContinue reading “The Museum of Fictions – extract.”


Sierra Leone for me is magic, it’s tiny. By virtue of its size Sierra Leone should not exist anymore…everything should have been taken out of Sierra Leone and there should be nothing left but a little pile of dust heap of embers…but its such a resilient country. ~Sierra Leonean, Eddie Blyden The civil war inContinue reading “PEACE IS A VERB”

San Francisco Love

Gazing into sunshine. Feeling the heat of enormity trusting the labor of flies butter (flies) gargantuan odor of flavor/labor magnificently flavored with butter margarine flour + sugar salt lava ash vegetarian ash, please… if you don’t mind. But even better (than butter) is the anticipation of flowers you can eat honey you can suckle natureContinue reading “San Francisco Love”

Spiritual journeys

Spiritual journeys: real and imagined.   I live between two mailbox addresses; one in London, the other in New York. I’ve been living this way for the past four years. What started out as something temporary has turned into something permanent? Drawing breath… I come to you at the end of a long haul thatContinue reading “Spiritual journeys”

Virginia Woolf’s Cake Recipe

Virginia is in her kitchen licking a metal spoon heaped with lemon sponge mixture. A dash of her own ingredients. In 45 minutes at gas mark six the deed will be done. She looks at the clock, the hands are pointing to noon. She shudders to re-invent herself through hypnosis (whilst waiting for her lemonContinue reading “Virginia Woolf’s Cake Recipe”