Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Over the years we age and change our perspective. Through the looking glass. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/photo-challenge-perspective/

Moon People on Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day in America — and for new friends and followers of my blog I want to take this opportunity to re-publish a piece of writing I did when I was 12 years old!  I give thanks to my mother and father for giving me a room with a view in whichContinue reading “Moon People on Mother’s Day”

The Nomad Commentaries

Commentary No. 1 “Anguish and grief, like darkness and rain, may be depicted; but gladness and joy, like the rainbow, defy the skill of pen or pencil. – Frederick Douglass.  Commentary No. 2 I wander away from the screen Tear holes in the routine. For a brief moment, I have time on my hands. WhereContinue reading “The Nomad Commentaries”

32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com

Recently fellow WordPress blogger Jonathan Becher posted “10 Ideas That Are Changing Your Life” http://alignment.wordpress.com/ I read his post and was curious to discover what he thought IDEAS 11-20 might be? His reply came back: “Thanks Michele. Predicting the future is a difficult business but the NY Times had ’32 Innovations That Will Change YourContinue reading “32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com”

Cut Out Sugar and Fiction

A few glass waves talk to me in the room. Inside at is feeling of still. At the prospect of soda her eyes sparkle. Different a things the lives and loves of Isabella – she the hat, permanent Jamaican…still the father, no situation. A of like daughter sexual Upon. Take scenario, plot, that be weContinue reading “Cut Out Sugar and Fiction”

Art is OPEN Fist

I’m a stationary sculpture, I’m meant to be broken. George Segal, one of the founders of the Pop Art Movement. He orders without exception. I prepared for the curators’ meeting in my sun bomb shelter. Something overlapped, I’m not sure what exactly. Perhaps one sense with another – taste with sight or smell or touch.Continue reading “Art is OPEN Fist”