PAY DAY Thursdays: Paying it Forward, featuring Michele D’Acosta

Originally posted on Writings of a Mrs :
So here we are again with another Pay Day Thursday. I have been so enjoying doing these Thursdays and having the opportunity to work with so many fabulous artists. This week I would like to introduce you to Michele. She is a beautiful person with a fantastic…

Radiant Child

Harmony meters measure The moods rising Off the tarmacadam. Adults, in the swing of Bills, forget to smile. Less entertained by obligations In the local park, a Teen plays a keyboard Harvests raw blurred notes, hint Of a cool soundtrack. High harmony Readings encompass The radiant child. Echoes of lyrics dignify The sensual pitch ofContinue reading “Radiant Child”

Honesty Box

How can I accomplish my dreams? The hands on my clock are at loggerheads. If when walking on the Avenue Of The Future, I should happen to encounter a fortune teller who tells me: “You will mend your luck when you turn back the clock.” Will I deposit my gratitude in the honesty box? OrContinue reading “Honesty Box”