Letter to a Hungry Ghost

Brigitta, if you don’t mind me saying so… you are a hungry ghost.  Yes, I understand, you are starving. You tell me so — every day. But now, only now… do I wonder, whether starving yourself is the reward for freedom from the flaw? B, where do you begin? Do you begin where you stand?Continue reading “Letter to a Hungry Ghost”

Lunch for Barack Obama?

In a moment of pure escapism, I’m curious to discover what President Obama is having for lunch today? In my humble view, Obama could use a few extra pounds on his slender frame. So without further ado, here’s Barack Obama’s lunch menu on Inauguration Day, January 22, 2013. It’s a tasty line-up: First course: SteamedContinue reading “Lunch for Barack Obama?”

Ask and YOU will receive…

What does it take to be fully conscious and present in this moment? What does it take to accept personal responsibility to make positive social change in one’s life and the lives of others… When we’ve been touched by the presence of God, the call to service, our inner voice, or our search for greaterContinue reading “Ask and YOU will receive…”