I saw these trees…


Today on my daily walk in southern England … I saw these trees.

cold-light-daysaw these trees

It’s not only what you see in that moment, it is what you feel when you take the photograph… how the light registers with your heartbeat.

62 thoughts on “I saw these trees…

  1. So clear, strong and powerful — I feel an unsettling energy when I look at them — . It almost feels like these trees are in another time or another world. Amazing!

    1. Wambui, thank you for your kind words. Yes I can understand your feelings about these trees. There is something of a throwback ancient energy about them. At times, I find it hard to look the pictures of these trees — such is their field of magnetism and overwhelming intensity. They are drawing me in — but where are they taking me? Only time will tell…

      1. I feel exactly the same thing with the ancient oaks here in California. The dogwoods seem to sing in the spring. I feel a consciousness from trees, always have.

      1. I am indeed, I live at the foot of the Downs pretty much. One of my favourite stretches of the country to walk along.

      2. Lady Isis, my jaw dropped open. I can see the Downs from my house!! I can’t quite believe that you live here too. “One of my favourite stretches of the country to walk along.” Mine too 🙂

      3. We may well be neighbours! That would be funny 🙂 I would love to meet you too. I was planning to walk the South Downs Way again this August, but my plans may have been side-tracked a little and I may just to Southern France instead. You can find my e-mail on my gravatar profile.

      4. Wonderful, I will be in touch via email. Perhaps you guessed I lived close to where I took the picture of the trees? There I was thinking you lived in the southern hemisphere 🙂

  2. I know exactly what you mean – you can have such a connection in that moment with the universe that you feel you have to capture it – the trees are beautiful but they are just a link, a little switch for your memory of those trees to piggy back to that other memory. By the way I Loooove trees – have a real thing for em! LOL 😀

  3. Makes me think of this Emily Dickinson poem:

    Four Trees — upon a solitary Acre —
    Without Design
    Or Order, or Apparent Action —
    Maintain —

    The Sun — upon a Morning meets them —
    The Wind —
    No nearer Neighbor — have they —
    But God —

    The Acre gives them — Place —
    They — Him — Attention of Passer by —
    Of Shadow, or of Squirrel, haply —
    Or Boy —

    What Deed is Theirs unto the General Nature —
    What Plan
    They severally — retard — or further —
    Unknown —

  4. Thanks Michele, I can relate. Trees…mystical, magical, beautiful trees. I love the atmospheric feel of those hauntingly beautiful photos. ♥♥

    1. Thank you! Living most of the year in England I get to see (and make friends with) a lot of bare trees! I’ve love to see your pictures. The way you speak about trees is poetic.

  5. A kindred spirit. I also befriend trees and pray to them. We are very blessed with a little barn upstate in the country so I get to see them and photograph and write about them and the animals.

    1. Oh fantastic! Always delighted to stumble upon a kindred spirit. And moved by your words and actions in regards to trees. They are our partners in the dance… the tree of life.

  6. Dear Michele D’Acosta,
    Thank you for stopping by my Blog and liking my page.
    Lovely pictures of trees, I’m happy that you too connect with them.

    I love trees and have a small garden patch (in my backyard) where I potter and water them plants with my daughter. Often we hug trees, I love the feel of the coarse bark, there such a wonderful feeling you get …. inexpressible in words 🙂 Each tree stands as a blessing to us, I believe and we must grow & protect them.

    I have shared some pictures of trees on my previous posts too, hope you like them.

    With Best Wishes
    Madhavi Sood aka Madhavi Mohandas
    (Author of ‘From the Silence Within’)

  7. Trees? aaah yes.
    Something about English trees don’t you think?
    maybe the drama of the skies?
    maybe the sense of history?
    Need to spend some time thinking on that one – s
    Now look what you made me do 😉

  8. Love these trees – reminds me of the one I watch outside my flat. Beautifully formed yet stark, moving with wind thus alive.
    Thanks for stopping by ~

  9. While I absolutely adore the color green and prefer the trees to have leaves, I do enjoy their stark winter silhouettes as well. It seems that their true nature and character reveals itself more directly.

  10. These images, to me, are of power, strength, holding all for eternity. Beautiful, lovely, drawing you in with just a hint of danger or foreboding. I love them!
    Also, Thank You for the ‘Follow’ on my blog! It brought me to yours and a beautiful one it is!:D

  11. You said it so well: “It’s not only what you see in that moment, it is what you feel when you take the photograph… how the light registers with your heartbeat.”
    That’s how no two are alike!

  12. I was delayed for hours today five counties away and wish to thank you for your following. I shall begin the first story of Arthur Lee tomorrow and dedicate it to yourself. I love TREES and feel sad when they cut them down unnecessarily. The darkness takes us within the noctural sleep time. These tress all look mystical. I LOVE the darkness with just a hint of light there. Great to absorb for peace of mind. I have lots of trees where I am now and try to stop neighbours cutting them too far and so far they listen! Great photography. My favourite is photos taken with ‘an edge’ like this. You should enter a competition. I did not long ago and was Reader Picture Of The Week with y first try though I have taken thousands of photos with simple cameras and old mobiles. Great inspiration for us all on here.

  13. Good perspective. The feel during the photograph…..yes. Reconciling the vision in the mind with the image in the view finder. That inner process defines photography.

  14. Hi Michele. Lovely to hear from you again. Trees spooky when you go into the woods. I feel they are watching me and the branches could grab me! Great photos.Thank you for liking my poem ‘ From The Edge’. Take Care, The Foureyed Poet

  15. Your art is pure poetry…as well as your statement, “…how the light registers with your heartbeat.” Both send shivers down my spine. I’m glad your “like” led me to your enchanting site.

  16. When one stops to look and commune with a tree, or so I thought as a child, one becomes blessed. From now on, where ever you step and with whom e’r you may meet, that entity will be able to communicate—mysterious thoughts. Now, elder child that I am, I wonder, does she, he, it whisper to each of us: Love each other.
    thanks for the beautiful photo of light heart and free spirit. You’ve conveyed their message.

  17. I can so connect with that last line, especially “how the light registers with your heartbeat”. The photograph thus becomes a portal to transport us to that very moment and all that it held – and holds.

  18. Heya thanks for following my blog, and leading me to yours. I love how your photos capture emotions as well as moments, I only wish to be able to take images like this one day! I look forward to reading more 🙂 x

  19. The only time they should cut down tress is when they have rotted away or are a detrimental nature of some kind which to me would be on a rare occasion. I had a lovely cherry blossom tree which rotted away where I lived but now I have two to view when I open ny front door(although they are my neighbour’s at the gib house next door). I always felt God gave me back this view but two-fold. I wonder if they can ‘think’? Or perhaps they have an energy around them. Must check this out on YouTube as I’m an oldie on the net. I like the mystique of these photos. Thanks for dropping by. Honoured.

    1. That sky… absolutely! Here in England we live under that monochrome sky more days of the year than we can count on several hands!! One of the magical things (to me…) about that photograph is that it’s in colour! I didn’t alter the image to appear black and white. There’s something magical about this that I can’t put into concrete terms….

      1. I hear you about the monochrome sky. I’m in Cornwall. And yes, now that you say the photos are in color I can see that, but it didn’t strike me when I first saw them.

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