Soul Retrieval

When it becomes more difficult to suffer than change — then change will come. (Unknown source)

A very Happy New Year to you all in 2012.

Is this THE year of soul retrieval?

After a lifetime of searching for him,  today is the day I reached out to the man who I think is my biological father.  I did this via Facebook and a detailed study of the pictures on his Wall. What is family life coming to?

Love is warming fire, love is peace. Love is progress.

Much love and peace,


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New Child Available

She is unburdened by my memory of her.



She needs to be a stranger to me.

She has her reasons.

My illiterate, invisible, original mother.

She mists her powers.

My spirit rose out of her womb.

My body followed.

(With no conscious memory of her)

I span her like a shadow self

calling out her name.

Thank you birth mother for giving me away

(to strangers)

I remember who I am today.