Poetry Writing Challenge #13

National Poetry Writing Month (also known as NaPoWriMo) is a creative writing project held annually in April in which participants attempt to write a poem each day for one month.

Today is Day 13 of the challenge… I heard from a trusted source that it’s not too late to enter the challenge!

“Your prompt for today is simply to take a walk. Make notes — mental or otherwise — on what you see on your walk, and incorporate these notes into your poem. A bit more serene and observational than yesterday, and hopefully a nice, calming poem to begin your weekend with.”

Paper Dance Steps


CUTS       an old-fashioned



into paper dance steps

for left        and right


She lays the makeshift choreography on the frozen sidewalk

directly below her ninth floor Boston apartment.

She counts from 1 to 100

for her partner to appear.


What is Love?

The question what is love is the most popular search on Google — but what’s the answer?


A. Chemistry

B. Pragma — mature love which develops over a long period of time.

C. Love is not one thing.

D. Love is obsession, all-consuming, like a physical pain.

E. Love is freedom.

F. Love is all of  the above.

G. Love is none of the above.

F. “Follow your bliss.” – Joseph Campbell

Soul Survival

Image by dubdem sound system via Flickr

“Sometimes we are blessed with being able to choose the time and the arena, and the manner of our revolutions, but more usually we must do battle where we are standing.”

“And when the sun rises we are afraid

it might not remain

when the sun sets we are afraid

it might not rise in the morning

when our stomachs are full we are afraid

of indigestion

when our stomachs are empty we are afraid

we may never eat again

when we are loved we are afraid

love will vanish

when we are alone we are afraid

love will never return

and when we speak we are afraid

our words will not be heard

nor welcomed

but when we are silent

we are still afraid

So it is better to speak


we were never meant to survive.”

― Audre Lorde, The Black Unicorn: Poem

Mad in Bohemia

Gravitational pull on an orbiting object
Image via Wikipedia

I don’t believe in absolutes, hence I’ve never really believed in gay or straight or even black or white, for that matter. If we’re all truly creating our own reality at any given point in (or out of ) time, then can we also be fluid about where we want to be on the spectrum of Who We Really Are at any given moment?

Part of the reason for starting this blog is that I’m experimenting with the idea of my identity being on a sliding scale from 1 to 6. 1 is this is absolutely who I am (of course nothing is listed in column 1) and 6 is my non-physical being who is not at all bothered by the weight of gravitational pull… Maybe one day I will get around to devising a survey or a questionnaire to explain all this randomness in a universally readable format.

I live in hope!