Lady Serenity

When Lady Serenity saw me, she swerved. Her detour a reminder not to dwell on anxiety. I want to absorb the tempo of my female hero. Go with her on a journey. We’ll decide. Fill a syrup-colored packing case with maps loosely packed. Plan our getaway on the backs of envelopes.  Take me with you. “LiveContinue reading “Lady Serenity”

Poetry Challenge #26: Redemption Songs

Disbelief suspended she gets naked and limbo dances under a tree. Her arms fly back. Her breasts confront the breeze. Her hips appear smooth flat on the horizon. No longer is she fearful Bridget, driving to pharmacy with her guitar slung on the back seat of her rental car. No more a victim of herContinue reading “Poetry Challenge #26: Redemption Songs”

Poetry Challenge #25: Untitled

Born again. Another day. Regenerated, cells reprised. Always. Change. Still. Constant. Sleep is our exile: from birth to exile. In our dreams we perform twice-hourly spacewalks to retrieve (several) film cassettes. The purpose of this lonely circling rendezvous is to move and shake in mystical states, in anticipation of the cliffhanger scene when we forgetContinue reading “Poetry Challenge #25: Untitled”

Poetry Challenge #24: Two Bodies

Two bodies speak to each other in smoke rings. Signals blown back and forth. The mysterious air between the pair: cloaking their mystery. What are they saying? Is language extinct? Are words with all their meanings pinned down. Frozen. Stiff.

Poetry Challenge #23: Forgiven

She adds the tragic loss of her daughter “Michele” to the mystery of how humankind came to be here on Earth. If God’s people cannot agree on the Beginning of Time, her wish is that her daughter will never trace her and save herself the disappointment of discovering the tale of her beginning  — “Once Upon aContinue reading “Poetry Challenge #23: Forgiven”

Poetry Challenge: #22: Coup de foudre

Am I genetically predisposed to be, forever, landlocked? And, at the onset of my awakening, is that why  Coup de foudre sounds to my innocent ears, like — Cup of Finding. But as I grow older and wiser (maybe)… I grow to accept the dictionary definition of Coup de foudre.  As, “Love at first sight and, bolt ofContinue reading “Poetry Challenge: #22: Coup de foudre”

Poetry Challenge #20: SOUL TALK

Hello, everyone! Today’s Poetry Challenge is to re-write Frank O’Hara’s Lines for the Fortune Cookies. The ideal fortune is a one-liner. Please send me your ideas for fortune cookies! Here are my offerings: Which came first the fortune cookie or the egg? The future starts any minute now. When I look into your eyesContinue reading “Poetry Challenge #20: SOUL TALK”

Poetry Challenge: #19: SALT

Hello! The prompt for today’s poetry challenge is to write a poem that uses at least five of the following words: owl generator abscond upwind squander clove miraculous dunderhead cyclops willowy mercurial seaweed gutter non-pareil artillery salt curl ego rodomontade elusive twice ghost cheese cowbird truffle svelte quahog bilious (Double click on image to seeContinue reading “Poetry Challenge: #19: SALT”