Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

Photos are visual spaces where shapes and lines, objects, and people come together. The palm of her hand flies up to the sky. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/converge/ Along the way, they also force the concrete and the abstract to converge: objects and landscapes are still themselves, yet already a little more (and a little less) than what I’dContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge”

Force Fields

The trend towards hyper-vivid style befits our maximum complexity culture. French philosopher and mystic Teilhard De Chardin (born May 1, 1881, died April 10, 1955) predicts the culmination of evolution as unified consciousness: “Pushed one against the other by the growth of their number and by the proliferation of their connections, approached one to theContinue reading “Force Fields”

The End of Racism

Reaching under the canopy (comparing) rating, reviewing, retrieving, (comparing) inviting, hating, mating. Rescind the past be the void operate in the Now position. Let the Now be of use to you angel, seer, believer, friend, ally, I love you. The fear of my colour/your colour has grown and solidified. How do we give up our justification? OurContinue reading “The End of Racism”