Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

BUZZ…This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge asks us to share a photograph with something extra; something with unexpected detail that makes that image all the more special. For me … the unexpected detail is in this man’s expression. The sadness embedded in his concentration. This is a photograph of my friend “Buzz” writing poetry outside aContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern | Neglect

The subject of this week’s photo challenge is patterns.  In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means PATTERN to you!  The exterior of a house in Sierra Leone, West Africa. My heart is drawn to the pattern of neglect, the pattern of deterioration.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

An African boy looks up at the camera. His father is disabled and he’s playing with his father’s crutches. The family live on a $1 a day and these crutches are the only ‘toys’ the boy has to play with. For this week’s WordPress photo challenge on the theme of ‘Up’,  I’m wondering what isContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up”

Ethos of Photography

I want to say a few words today about photography. The words that spring to mind are these… Embedded in our Western culture is our desire (conscious or otherwise) to express our differential. The hierarchy that envelops us. The gap between the observer and the observed. Why am I picking up a camera? Is itContinue reading “Ethos of Photography”