The End of Racism

Reaching under the canopy


rating, reviewing, retrieving,


inviting, hating, mating.

Rescind the past

be the void

operate in the Now position.

Let the Now be of use to you angel, seer, believer,

friend, ally, I love you.

The fear of my colour/your colour has grown and solidified.

How do we give up our justification?

Our labyrinth.

There is a gap we can step into… to space out our differences,

to recognize the crease in our consciousness.

To highlight, to magnify, to dignify, to free…

ourselves from the loop of fear

loop of assumptions

grove of injustice.

To de-programme ourselves from black versus white.

If our hearts are made with similar tools,

why must our minds be at variance?

How do we fly above ourselves?

A stranger rolls down his car window to shout nigger in my face.

A colleague calls me a cross between a dog and a slave.

How do I receive this information?

How do we receive this information?

Do we laugh it off?

Do we remember to take ourselves less seriously?

Do we fly above ourselves?

Transcend our pride



Our feeling of total wipeout.

Do we employ unconditional love?

Is The Now the end of racism?