Naked woman. Ivory. Third Intermediate Period....
Naked woman. Ivory. Third Intermediate Period. On display at the Louvre, Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m holding a sign that reads… Holy Smoke Is Foreplay.

You brought me to an amazing place, you introduced me to my higher self.  My reality is shifting to accept this nucleus.

Somewhere I’m naked with you. There’s a photograph of us making out in front of a mural. We have somewhere to exist.

It’s unlike me to speak at this volume. If I’m spotted, I will run in the opposite direction. My shadow self is battling to hold onto me. She’s cutting my clothes to smithereens.

Somewhere I’m lying naked with you. In the desert springs. You beckon across the sky to me….  And my vagina opens out into a seahorse.

Priests of the beautiful, separate me from my Self indefinitely.

Don’t ask me what this means, travel, find out/discover for yourself.  When you return, tell me who you met and what you saw.

I will be at my bonfire.