Radiant Child

Harmony meters measure The moods rising Off the tarmacadam. Adults, in the swing of Bills, forget to smile. Less entertained by obligations In the local park, a Teen plays a keyboard Harvests raw blurred notes, hint Of a cool soundtrack. High harmony Readings encompass The radiant child. Echoes of lyrics dignify The sensual pitch ofContinue reading “Radiant Child”

Honesty Box

How can I accomplish my dreams? The hands on my clock are at loggerheads. If when walking on the Avenue Of The Future, I should happen to encounter a fortune teller who tells me: “You will mend your luck when you turn back the clock.” Will I deposit my gratitude in the honesty box? OrContinue reading “Honesty Box”

Lady Serenity

When Lady Serenity saw me, she swerved. Her detour a reminder not to dwell on anxiety. I want to absorb the tempo of my female hero. Go with her on a journey. We’ll decide. Fill a syrup-colored packing case with maps loosely packed. Plan our getaway on the backs of envelopes.  Take me with you. “LiveContinue reading “Lady Serenity”

Head In The Clouds

When I was growing up my mother would say to me: “Child of mine you have your head in the clouds.” When I grew older I discovered that folks who write poetry are in the minority. I’m half afraid to write poetry for you who never read it much and I’m left laboring with theContinue reading “Head In The Clouds”

Poetry Challenge #23: Forgiven

She adds the tragic loss of her daughter “Michele” to the mystery of how humankind came to be here on Earth. If God’s people cannot agree on the Beginning of Time, her wish is that her daughter will never trace her and save herself the disappointment of discovering the tale of her beginning  — “Once Upon aContinue reading “Poetry Challenge #23: Forgiven”

Poetry Challenge #20: SOUL TALK

Hello, everyone! Today’s Poetry Challenge is to re-write Frank O’Hara’s Lines for the Fortune Cookies. http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/lines-for-the-fortune-cookies/ The ideal fortune is a one-liner. Please send me your ideas for fortune cookies! Here are my offerings: Which came first the fortune cookie or the egg? The future starts any minute now. When I look into your eyesContinue reading “Poetry Challenge #20: SOUL TALK”

TEDxDirigo – Libby Hoffman – Forgiving the Unforgiveable – YouTube

TEDxDirigo – Libby Hoffman – Forgiving the Unforgiveable – YouTube. I just saw a screening tonight at the Foto8 gallery in London of a new documentary film about Sierra Leone called Fambul Tok (“family talk” in Krio). This film is the blueprint of how to document sustainable peace in post-conflict Sierra Leone. The question I’ve beenContinue reading “TEDxDirigo – Libby Hoffman – Forgiving the Unforgiveable – YouTube”


Sierra Leone for me is magic, it’s tiny. By virtue of its size Sierra Leone should not exist anymore…everything should have been taken out of Sierra Leone and there should be nothing left but a little pile of dust heap of embers…but its such a resilient country. ~Sierra Leonean, Eddie Blyden The civil war inContinue reading “PEACE IS A VERB”