Poetry Challenge #25: Untitled

Born again. Another day. Regenerated, cells reprised. Always. Change. Still. Constant. Sleep is our exile: from birth to exile. In our dreams we perform twice-hourly spacewalks to retrieve (several) film cassettes. The purpose of this lonely circling rendezvous is to move and shake in mystical states, in anticipation of the cliffhanger scene when we forgetContinue reading “Poetry Challenge #25: Untitled”

Poetry Challenge #24: Two Bodies

Two bodies speak to each other in smoke rings. Signals blown back and forth. The mysterious air between the pair: cloaking their mystery. What are they saying? Is language extinct? Are words with all their meanings pinned down. Frozen. Stiff.

Poetry Challenge #23: Forgiven

She adds the tragic loss of her daughter “Michele” to the mystery of how humankind came to be here on Earth. If God’s people cannot agree on the Beginning of Time, her wish is that her daughter will never trace her and save herself the disappointment of discovering the tale of her beginning  — “Once Upon aContinue reading “Poetry Challenge #23: Forgiven”

It could have been that I saw her…

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the pointContinue reading “It could have been that I saw her…”

Letter to a Hungry Ghost

Brigitta, if you don’t mind me saying so… you are a hungry ghost.  Yes, I understand, you are starving. You tell me so — every day. But now, only now… do I wonder, whether starving yourself is the reward for freedom from the flaw? B, where do you begin? Do you begin where you stand?Continue reading “Letter to a Hungry Ghost”

Thought For The Day

MEDITATION is not something different from daily life: do not go off into the corner of a room and meditate for ten minutes, then come out and be a butcher — both metaphorically and actually. _ J. Krishnamurti Born: May 12, 1895, Madanapalle Died: February 17, 1986, Ojai

Spiritual journeys

Spiritual journeys: real and imagined.   I live between two mailbox addresses; one in London, the other in New York. I’ve been living this way for the past four years. What started out as something temporary has turned into something permanent? Drawing breath… I come to you at the end of a long haul thatContinue reading “Spiritual journeys”