Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape | Broken Shell

In my left hand I am holding a broken shell. In the foreground the figure of a man is a blur. What is his purpose? Why is he unclear? Is he looking for escape routes above the moving sea? Am I beside him?


I’m holding a sign that reads… Holy Smoke Is Foreplay. You brought me to an amazing place, you introduced me to my higher self.  My reality is shifting to accept this nucleus. Somewhere I’m naked with you. There’s a photograph of us making out in front of a mural. We have somewhere to exist. It’s unlikeContinue reading “HOLY SMOKE IS FOREPLAY”

Borrow your treasure

Where shall I begin? I took this photograph in Brighton, England in midwinter 2012. So much has happened since that day. Mercury has gone retrograde The Olympics is on… I started my Olympic scrapbook way back when… before the internet before instant messaging and availability 24/7. I’m humbled by my birth certificate that says I’mContinue reading “Borrow your treasure”

Ask and YOU will receive…

What does it take to be fully conscious and present in this moment? What does it take to accept personal responsibility to make positive social change in one’s life and the lives of others… When we’ve been touched by the presence of God, the call to service, our inner voice, or our search for greaterContinue reading “Ask and YOU will receive…”


In my unremarkable corner of the world I’m thinking what’s really going on? Whilst it’s been widely publicised that humanity has reached the tipping point in favour of the Age of Aquarius and today is the newly-inaugurated NATIONAL HOLIDAY TO COMMERATE LETTING GO OF THE PAST COMPLETELY: all that my cynical brain can come upContinue reading “Spirit?”

Memory of the World

Image via Wikipedia Burning stones Burn my feet. I roll my soles sideways Miss the heat. I am not a martyr Seeking Illumination or Cleansing Purity through induction into firewalking. I am not the master of God Nor is God my master. I am not available for miracles, transubstantiation or the rest of that sacredContinue reading “Memory of the World”