Peace and Illumination

As some of you may know I work for a small charity called The Peace Project ( The focus of our charity has been on distributing crutches to thousands of amputees and polio sufferers in Sierra Leone backed up by our philosophy that the first step to sustainable peace is personal mobility. In Sierra Leone, thousands of men, women and children suffered the horror of having one (or several) of their limbs forcibly amputated.

In an overwhelming number of cases the amputations were carried out by drugged child soldiers in an assault on the nation’s population that rebel forces dubbed ‘Operation No Living Thing’. The reasons behind these crimes against humanity are manifold, but for the purpose of simplicity, the hunger of certain interest groups to control the regions of Sierra Leone that produce diamonds (blood diamonds) was the primary motivation for embarking on a civil war that killed and maimed thousands of people and scorched the earth of one of the most beautiful countries in our world.

A decade after the civil war ended, there are still thousands of amputees who are forced to crawl on all fours to get around due to the impoverished situation of disabled Sierra Leoneans who cannot afford the cost of a pair of crutches. In order to raise awareness (and funds) for disabled people in Sierra Leone I am willing to do whatever it takes to help relieve the suffering of thousands who live in a country that is a long way from my home. In addition, many of the people who read this blog contribute their time, energy, love and financial resources to making this work possible.

Please may I take this opportunity to thank you — Eliza, Sarah, Rosendo, Elizabeth, Kentake, Dreaddaze, Lewis, Michael, Akila, Chris, Jc, Pablo, Cecelia, Bridget and Elias. And a final thank you to Lisa Schultz who founded The Peace Project in 2010. Please join with us on our next initiative to build the first Peace Centre in Sierra Leone.

Thank you ¬†again — and please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information on how to get involved in the work that we’re doing. Peace and blessings to you. Michele.