Force Fields

The trend towards hyper-vivid style befits our maximum complexity culture.

French philosopher and mystic Teilhard De Chardin

(born May 1, 1881, died April 10, 1955)

predicts the culmination of evolution as unified consciousness:

“Pushed one against the other by the growth of their number and by the proliferation of their connections, approached one to the other by the reawakening of a common force and by the feeling of a common anxiety, the future human kind will form nothing but an unified consciousness….Willingly or unwillingly, all our directions and needs converge to the same place.”

“In this progression towards an ever increasing complexity, of which the human being is the highest grade, evolution is not linear but proceeds by a series of quantitative then qualitative leaps. When a level of complexity reaches its point of maximum complexity, it jumps to a new different level and organization of its wholeness. The more matter becomes complex, the more it approaches to awareness. The propellant force of this evolution comes from the cosmic and all-encompassing physical-moral force of Love.”

Part Two

The apprentice of the universe picks up The Spectrum of Reality handbook and opens it to the first page.

House Style 101

The apprentice casts her eyes over The Secrets of the Aeons:

In 5000BC the myths were reversed and Zeus went from being the Serpent King to the Serpent Slayer – we’ve been residing in our own destruction ever since…

The DJ spins dual turntables retrograde and progressive.

Ways forward: not mercenary, not mechanical, not from memory.

She continues down the page more confused than ever!

She’s wondering… where’s the triumph?

Where’s the dreamer dreaming romantic vocabulary?

Didn’t she come here specifically to arrest the engineers of hypocrisy?

She pauses in her disappointment to remember the trio of gifts in her jacket pockets.

The new honey color nail polish; the pair of rose colored spectacles; The Promise that bears her initials.

“Ah-ha, now that’s more like it”, her voice echoes off the walls of the bedroom in her spaceship.

She’s determined to reclaim peaceful latitudes from deep pockets and clouds of swirling dust.

Preserving what comes naturally to her…connecting the worldview.

She ripples her fingers over the map of the world on page two.

As she places her firm hands over countries in conflict she realizes, not for the first time, that her pockets are filled with love and reasons to fear nothing at all.