Poetry Challenge #27: Forced Entry

Your forced entry leaks into my heart. I’m more accustomed to tracing desire on paper. I fell in love with your story. Not your body. Is there a place to place my body beside you? I’m Undecided. Your tale is my souvenir. Can we leave it at that? Not try to extend the franchise onContinue reading “Poetry Challenge #27: Forced Entry”

Poetry Challenge #26: Redemption Songs

Disbelief suspended she gets naked and limbo dances under a tree. Her arms fly back. Her breasts confront the breeze. Her hips appear smooth flat on the horizon. No longer is she fearful Bridget, driving to pharmacy with her guitar slung on the back seat of her rental car. No more a victim of herContinue reading “Poetry Challenge #26: Redemption Songs”

Poetry Challenge #24: Two Bodies

Two bodies speak to each other in smoke rings. Signals blown back and forth. The mysterious air between the pair: cloaking their mystery. What are they saying? Is language extinct? Are words with all their meanings pinned down. Frozen. Stiff.