Pademba Road

With your innate superiority you carve your God into a mountain. My God is carved on sand and will never know security.

If I eat well tonight you will not starve.

In June of this year I met a community of polio survivors who live on Pademba Road in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The majority of the men I interviewed are in urgent need of crutches and wheelchairs.

As you will see from this short video; for these polio survivors, the only way they can have mobility is to crawl along the ground.

3 thoughts on “Pademba Road

  1. Thanks for sharing this video. I’m really touched by the appalling condition polio victims are living in I’m my country. Unfortunately the Sierra Leone Government does not have the capacity to care for disable people which is mainly due to bad governance & corruption/greed because our country is rich in minerals but we are still among the poorest in the world. It upsets me because I know the solutions & ideas are there but the politicians just don’t care. I’m appealing to NGOs/Charities & the international community to help disable people in Sierra Leone. I’ll collaborate with other concerned Sierra Leoneans & charities to improve the living conditions of these people.

  2. This is really sad to see our people suffering in this way, we are appelling to all donors that are out there to help our disable people with wheelchairs and shelter, this is another major factors that affecting the disable people in Sierra Leone they feel neglected by the government, as a fellow Sierra Leone we are crying in our heart so please help, we are a Sierra Leone Community group base in Sussex. we will collaborate with other concerned Sierra Leoneans & charities to improve the lives of our disable people.

  3. Quite poignant a situation! At least in our country now, the Philippines, polio victims have decreased tremendously because of vaccines. Anyhow, as an advocate for PWD rights, I understand their plight. Not only wheelchairs should be provided to them but a change in heart and attitude of their government. They should listen to Persons with Disability because they too, are part of Sierra Leone.

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