South African poet Willie Kgositsile posited the necessity of putting aside poetry in the face of looming revolution.

“When the moment hatches in time’s womb there will be no art talk,” he wrote. “The only poem you will hear will be the spearpoint pivoted in the punctured marrow of the villain….Therefore we are the last poets of the world.”


Published by Michele D'Acosta

NFT artist/filmmaker https://lookabox.me NFTs for social good https://www.buymeacoffee.com/3vUnc3oIIS

15 thoughts on “#BlackLivesMatter

    1. Thank you. Yes, All Lives Matter.

      #Black Lives Matter is simply to draw attention to what should be obvious, but isn’t always…. In Jill Leovy’s marvellous book ‘Ghettoside’ she mentions the acronym NHI—No Human Involved; taken from the unwritten code of the Los Angeles Police Department, ‘NHI’ is what some of the cops would say after coming upon the bodies of black men killed by other black men.

  1. This is a time fraught with danger, but also full of hope that, finally, something will be done. It could be North American Spring, at long last. It would be so depressing if it all came to nothing.

  2. I don’t even know what to say. Our species can be so heartless, insane, blind, prejudice, hateful…power mad…living things are lost in the scramble for control. I can’t press like. And it will not end because each new generation is indoctrinated into that system by parents, churches, schools, cultures, institutions, etc. THAT is the problem…how to break the chains of assumptions and opinions that poison the mind of the kids. It just keeps going and going. Brainwashing and conditioning. That’s where it comes from and that’s the place to make it stop.

    1. “Living things are lost in the scramble for control.” I honor you for not pressing Like. Your compassion runs true and deep. YOU make the world a better place. Thank and much love to you.

  3. No one can call themselves civilized before they accept that skin color has no value – it tells us nothing about the person at all – assholes and the opposite is colorless… 🙂

    Wonder why we still in 2014 have to pointing this out… :-/

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