Lunch for Barack Obama?

In a moment of pure escapism, I’m curious to discover what President Obama is having for lunch today? In my humble view, Obama could use a few extra pounds on his slender frame. So without further ado, here’s Barack Obama’s lunch menu on Inauguration Day, January 22, 2013.

It’s a tasty line-up:

First course:

Steamed Lobster with New England Clam Chowder Sauce
Sautéed Spinach
Sweet Potato Hay

Second course:

Hickory-Grilled Bison with Red Potato Horseradish Cake and Wild Huckleberry Reduction


Butternut Squash Purée
Baby Golden Beets and Green Beans
Strawberry Preserve and Red Cabbage

Third course:

Hudson Valley Apple Pie with Sour Cream Ice Cream, Aged Cheese and Honey Maple Caramel Sauce
Artisan Cheeses


Jason Horowitz@jasondhorowitz
The inaugural coffee memorial in front of Constitution Hall


Trayvon Martin

Count how many of our sons don’t have surnames.

Count how many of their fathers won’t see 45.

Count all the crack fiends on your finger-toes.

Wake up my black family and raise your fists.

I saw there a slightly black guy living in the White House.

What’s going on in there?

Like a fool, I ignored the gossip news

Once Tupac, dead.

(In memory of Trayvon Martin, fatally shot, February 26, 2012. May your soul rest in peace.)

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford
Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)