Ask and YOU will receive…

What does it take to be fully conscious and present in this moment?

What does it take to accept personal responsibility to make positive social change in one’s life and the lives of others…

When we’ve been touched by the presence of God, the call to service, our inner voice, or our search for greater meaning and fulfillment in our life; we are advised not to turn away from our mission and have amnesia.

Published by Michele D'Acosta

NFT artist/filmmaker NFTs for social good

2 thoughts on “Ask and YOU will receive…

  1. You always seem to stoke my imagination~

    Just a thought~

    We all acknowledge the materialistic realm as reality. When needless possessions weigh us down and clutter our lives we fail to utilize them correctly and efficiently. We spend time with them but we don’t advance beyond the pleasure of ownership. We forget how easy it was to drift off to sleep before possessorship became a dominate trait. We eventually lose sleep over the inevitable loss of ownership. We worry. We hide behind our walls. We fear the outside world. We panic. We run. We fall.

    Eventually, we rise because we care.

    That’s the human spirit. It lives within each and everyone of us. It’s undeniable and alert. It allows us to learn from our mistakes and never let’s us forget.

  2. Michelle, I decided to follow you, because I really like your artwork and what you are saying!. Thanks for the like on my blog. I found you on facebook and I am going to send you a friend request…..Also, you might like my Power of Metaphor FB page……

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